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Boa Constrictors : A Guideline to Proper Care for Red-Tailed Boa Snakes September 23, 2009

boa-red-tail-snake-4Boa constrictors are big non-venomous snakes that are native to South and Central America. Out of every subspecies, the most popular one would be the red-tailed boa constrictors, thus called for the deep red and brown colors found on its tail saddles and back.

Adult Red-Tailed Boa Constrictors

Adult red-tailed boa constrictors have the ability to grow more than twelve feet long, though they more commonly reach up to ten feet. Like with the majority of snakes, female boa constrictors are bigger and much more muscular compared to their male counterparts.

Since adult boa constrictors snakes can get quite big, you have to provide big enclosures for them. Always remember that boa constrictors are highly powerful snakes that could break their enclosure, if it is not properly made, or can easily escape if the openings aren’t secure. A single adult boa constrictor needs an area of flooring of 72” by 36” by 36”. Since this type of snake is largely terrestrial, the enclosure’s height isn’t too important, though you should provide sturdy branches for the height that you do have. Several specimens may wish to climb such branches, most of all if they are still young.

A secret about red-tailed boa constrictors

One huge secret that comes with pet red-tailed boa constrictors lie within their substrates. The most common substrates would be newspapers or paper towels because they are hygienic and easy to replace. Also, you will get to monitor their cage conditions this way. The minute your pet is used to its surroundings and there is no longer a need to make changes, you can purchase commercial substrates that are especially made for pet snake tanks. These substrates are usually made out of fir bark and cypress. There are several elements, which you need to avoid, though, like cedar and pine since they could harbor parasites, and might have existing toxins which could be hazardous to a snake’s health within enclosed spaces. A lot of owners of boa constrictors make use of Astro-turf for a more natural look compared to regular paper towels. No matter what the case, though, you need to make use of something safe and easy to clean.

Red-tailed boa constrictors tend to be reclusive, so they would require several places to hide. These are usually offered as upturned bowls, fake plastic caves, or cardboard boxes. Rocks would also be a great idea, if they don’t come with sharp edges and can be securely fastened so as not to get dislodged.

Although special lighting isn’t required, proper temperature gradients need to be provided. Heat sources that are thermostatically controlled, like ceramic heat bulbs, need to be set up in order to provide various ranges of temperature, from warm to cool. Dropping several degrees during the night would also be a smart idea.